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Catherine Hart

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I’m Katie, a software developer at Accretive Technology Group with my B.S. in computer science from the University of Rochester. I love working with Linux, Rust, Python, and Docker; building things from Linux utilities to games to websites. Previously, I was an embedded systems developer at Genie Industries

this is what i'm doing

Pickle's Fetch Quest

Platformer built from scratch in Python, inspired by Kirby’s Great Cave Offensive and the Game Boy


Light Bubble

An afternoon’s hack in Node.js to control my bedroom lighting without invasive apps



Spies and stubs for unit testing shell scripts with sh, dash, bash, and zsh


this is what i've done

Computer Interest Floor

November 2012 to August 2015

While attending the University of Rochester, I served as webmaster and tech maintenance director for the Computer Interest Floor. I started with a redesign of the CIF website, inventorying the existing site to create a design that was reusable across services and maintainable for non-technical individuals

Other projects included Linux server maintenance, refactoring a PHP-based user control panel with unit tests, and rewriting a C firmware project with full documentation and simulated integration tests. i also gave talks to the university community on Linux, Git, SSH, and using OpenGL with Python

Screenshot of my CIF home page design


March 2012

Kejt is a multimedia blog for posting my creative works. It also serves as a playground for me to experiment with new web technologies

Like most of my side projects, it serves as a safe place to experiment and try new things. While Kejt does make use of newer technology like html5 audio, it degrades gracefully in less capable browsers

Screenshot of my home page design for

Mood & Figure

December 2011

Mood & Figure is a collection of inspiration I’ve found over the years

The site is an image blog that subtly uses colors taken from each entry, and always links back to the original artists if possible. There’s also tag-based search that allows for excluding certain tags and including multiple tags

Mood & Figure also adapts to smaller screen sizes, and loads all images adaptively to prevent mobile visitors from downloading more data than necessary

Screenshot of my blog design for Mood & Figure